Maximizing, actually.

You know how couples often have complimentary strengths and weaknesses?

Well, I have to tell you … my husband is an incredible man. When I am sick, he takes care of the children, brings me medicine, and keeps the house operating. I cannot praise him enough for his selfless acts of love.

He even visited me at my death-bed this morning to show me one of his new purchases. From his latest “Leisure Activity” … a.k.a. afternoon shopping trip. (Whereas my strength is minimizing useless junk, his strength is continuing to shop, so as to maintain balance in our home.)

To be perfectly clear, it is a “media bag” by Swiss Army. It even has a Swiss Army logo prominently placed, so as to not confuse this compact, iPad-sized work satchel with a “man purse” as I so affectionately referred to it from my fever-induced haze.

My husband was not nearly as amused as I. What ensued next included him ripping the “media bag” from his body, throwing it on the bed, and then putting it back over his shoulder and going to look in the mirror. Twice. I could not help but laugh. Cry, even. Although, it would have been much funnier if laughing myself to tears did not cause a piercing pain to shoot through my dehydrated brain cells. But, who am I to complain? That’s just good comedy. Brought to me by my very own husband. I’m blessed like that.


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