GO Time

If I do not go to the grocery store today, I am afraid my family may revolt. They are none-too-pleased to be eating from the depths of the pantry anymore.

But as you know, I’ve only been able to *think* about food for about two days this week, and those two days were consumed with actual work, as I tried to dig myself out of this unplanned backslide.

So … while this month’s challenge is about strategically selecting the foods that make healthy, well-balanced meals for my family, while minimizing waste, and maximizing nutrition … I don’t have time to plan all of that out. I’m not a Nutritionist. I’m a Mom. And a wife. And a contractor. And I have to take one of these smelly cats to the vet already.

I told you I thought this whole wellness, waste-conscious, wacky lifestyle was going to be a full-time job. And it turns out, that even if it were a quarter-time job, that would be too much for me right now. So, here is my revised strategy …

I am going to go to the local store that sells both organic produce and bulk dry goods. I am going to stay in that section as long as possible until I have to venture around the perimeter to the deli and dairy case. Then, I’ll make a bee-line through the paper goods aisle, because there will be no minimizing of toilet paper around here, and then I’m out of there.

I have less than 90 minutes to spare, and that includes picking up my children and taking the varmint to the vet. It’s GO time.


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