Football Saturday

I sat through an entire football game today. Because I love my husband. And I like to spend time with him.

And the biggest underdog in Wildcard history (with a losing record, mind you), just upset the defending Superbowl Champions. That’s the stuff dreams are made of, right there. If you’re a football player. Or you care about who wins ball games.

For me, it was more about spending time with my husband. And 30 other people. In the basement man-cave of our new friends and neighbors. Right  next to a massive sports memorabilia collection, and adjacent to two flat panel TVs with surround sound, blaring the announcer’s voices over the voices of the grown men jumping up and down and yelling. And maybe even crying.

After the hysteria settled–I mean, it was a 67 yard touchdown run. With 6 broken tackle attempts. I saw it. With my own eyes. So, after the hysteria settled, my husband came to sit next to me on the couch. And ask me how cool I thought this was. Then he proceeded to layout the plans he’s working up in his mind for our very own man-cave. With indoor/outdoor seating. And a golf simulator.

Did I mention I made guacamole? With all of the fresh, organic vegetables in my refrigerator. Extra garlic. Mmmmmm … so tasty.


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2 Responses to Football Saturday

  1. Kymy says:

    Did you hear about the earthquake the Seahawks fans caused during the game?

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