Let’s be honest, shall we?

I know I keep aspiring to review my family’s food situation. To cook homemade, healthy meals for my children. To buy organic and fill my children so full of fresh fruits and vegetables that there’s no room for sugar and junk food.

I have this great grocery service that delivers my organic produce, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught Alaskan Salmon to my doorstep. I have these fantastic plans to build a garden and harvest my own food. As you know, I even tried baking my own bread.

But, as it turns out, these crazy ramblings are nothing more than a recipe for failure. Finding the time to prepare healthy foods is the key to any successful diet, and if you know anything about the obesity rate in America, you know that we Americans are far too busy to maintain a healthy diet.

That is because our time is completely occupied by:

  • Working all hours of the day and night to cover our upside-down mortgages.
  • Going back to school to increase our odds of employability in an economy with a 9.4% unemployment rate.
  • Supplementing our children’s educations to ensure that they can compete in a global marketplace when they grow up.
  • Enriching our children’s educations so that they know there are learning opportunities outside of reading, writing, and arithmetic …
  • Squeezing the last few pennies out of our budgets to pay for healthcare insurance that will drop us the moment we are diagnosed with an illness that requires the insurance company to pay for our expenses.
  • Sorting through all of the “stuff” we’ve acquired to release stress and ease the burden of being overworked.

I’m not trying to be a pessimist here. I’m just saying … there’s half a glass of water. I don’t really care if it’s half full or half empty. But it’s sitting there on the counter, and I’m wondering if I should drink it before I drink my wine, or whether I should dump it out and load the glass in the dishwasher already? But who has the time to sort that out?


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