Food Budgets

OK, since I’m on my “realist rampage,” I’m just going to tell you how I strategically improved my food consumption and minimized my budget at the same time yesterday.

My husband and I snuck away for a rare date sans children. Instead of ordering the overly large portions of food served as entrées at most American restaurants, we decided to stick with the appetizer menu. We shared three tasty appetizers, two rounds of drinks, and a bill half the size of a normal dinner out. So much more satisfying. It might not have been organic. Or even wholesome. But, someone else prepared it. And cleaned up after it. To say they had me at “hello” would be an understatement. OK, maybe technically it was “table for two?” Either way, a girl doesn’t mind being waited on every once in a while.

But that was yesterday. This is today. Do you think it’s unhealthy to feed my family bagels and cream cheese for three meals a day? It’s kind of a versatile meal. What other meal can you feasibly eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?


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3 Responses to Food Budgets

  1. Mac & Cheese. When in college I survived on $.19 boxes of Mac & Cheese made with WATER because milk and butter were too expensive. But seriously, I’m also working on a realistic food budget trying to balance easy to prepare with healthy and cheap. I’m cooking for just one which is easier in some ways but I get tired of endless left-overs. I’m interested in how you get it all figured out.

    • Thank you for reading, and thank you for empathizing. I sometimes think cooking for one is harder than cooking for four. Regardless, I’m working on finding a healthy, sustainable food preparation model. I have some ideas … and only about 15 days to figure it out if I’m going to find a solution before the end of January. So, I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  2. Christa says:

    i am cracking up over the bagels and cream cheese comment. I totally understand!
    I can also totally relate to the Star Wars Legos. I loathe legos, they are like sand, they go everywhere. I can’t wait until my son gets to an age we can phase them
    OUT! lol

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