Eloise Lives and Breathes

My daughter received a storybook about Eloise for Christmas. I know these stories are classics, but somehow, I had managed to escape them for … well, thirty-something years. I guess I was “sheltered” as a child. I’ve also never seen The Sound of Music, in spite of the fact that I’ve been to the garden in Austria where it was filmed. Nor had I had the honor of watching Mary Poppins … until this last summer when we were struck by an unprecedented rain storm at the lake cabin, and my children wanted to watch a movie. So, their Nanna sang and danced the entire movie for them … *almost* in sync with the actual soundtrack.

I digress. The point I set out to make was that now that I’ve had the pleasure of making Eloise’s acquaintance, I’m pretty sure I know who she grew up to be …

One of my current clients.

Here’s how I know …

  • If I were to “mind-map” a conversation with her, it would look a little something like Eloise’s ride in the Plaza elevators.
  • She takes me on these “meet-and-greet” walks down the corporate corridors and introduces me to everyone behind every door. Just like Eloise.
  • I haven’t actually seen her rattle sticks against the walls or dump water down the mail chute, but I wouldn’t put it past her. She’s devious like that. Just like Eloise.
  • Somehow, she manages to get everyone to do exactly what she asks them to do for her. Regardless of how outrageous it is. Or whether it is even their job. Just like Eloise.
  • She has a pet dog that she is somewhat neurotic about. Just like Eloise.
  • At the end of the day, I am exhausted from trying to keep up with her. Just like Eloise’s nanny.

Here’s my new professional task: Minimizing Randomness.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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2 Responses to Eloise Lives and Breathes

  1. Ana says:

    Let me know what you find out about minimizing randomness at work…would LOVE some insight there.

    • Girl-friend, you know that I am like a randomness magnet, right? If I could actually minimize randomness, I think that somehow, I would cease to exist. On that note, I burned a “boy candle” the other day and thought of you. Totally random. And I loved every minute of it. Miss you!

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