Look what I found!

This morning, on my weekly pilgrimage to drop off more “stuff” at the thrift store, I wandered inside for a moment to find these incredible glass containers … just like the ones that inspired me from the Zero Waste article I referenced a few weeks back.

I know … it’s a bit of a conundrum … buying more “stuff” in an effort to minimize. But certainly, you understand that by minimizing packaging, I’m minimizing my carbon footprint. And yet, I need a place to store the bulk foods I’m going to start purchasing, right? (And also, I think they’ll look really cool in my cupboards.)

I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t actually plan on taking these glass containers to the store to weigh them, then fill them with dry goods, then weigh them again and subtract the original weight of the container to calculate the amount of goods I am purchasing. While I applaud Béa Johnson’s efforts, I also know myself better than that. I think I will be quite content to use the biodegradable produce bags made out of corn by-product (because really, what isn’t made out of corn by-product these days?) to transport my dry goods from the store to these fancy new containers.

I do what I can.


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2 Responses to Look what I found!

  1. plainamyjane says:

    It appears we are on the same quest this year, and I enjoy reading about yours so much! Wanted to let you know that I use a line of produce bags that are inexpensive and weigh barely anything (thought the tare is on the tag too). they have changed the way I buy bulk, even flour…and the gauze versions are great instead of cheese cloth for making cheese and straining for jelly (washable and sturdy). This is not a plug for a specific product (please don’t take offense!), just wanted you to know about a useful reusable item that I love (fair trade fair labor too). there are several versions at this site under reusable bags http://www.getngreen.com/store/Products/ECOBAGS-Produce-Bags-Natural-Cotton—Set-of-Three__PRO-303.aspx I wish you a clutter free, prosperous 2011!

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