Re-engineering Systems and Processes

I’ve come to a conclusion. It is this … if I were drowning in shark-infested waters, I’d be pretty disappointed if the lifeguard decided to re-engineer the floatation device before tossing it in the water to save me. Even if he had a much better design in mind.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about (or whether the CRAZY has officially caught up with me) … this conclusion struck me today as I was racing down the frozen food aisle searching for the most well-balanced looking TV-dinners to feed my family. In the 3 minutes I had to spare between meeting a deadline and picking my kids up from school, only to return home and race toward another deadline.

I was overwhelmed by guilt, and the fact that I hadn’t had a chance to organize my friendship cooking circle yet. But, in that moment of clarity, I thought … well, if I’m going to be cooking by microwave again tonight, the least I can do is offer my children some variety … rather than the Mac and Cheese stand-by they’ve come to know and love.

I chose smoked turkey paninis for my husband and myself, and turkey with gravy, vegetables, and mashed potatoes for my kids. They all responded in unison. “Yuck.” Which just so happens to be the *same* thing they say when I spend all afternoon in the kitchen cooking homemade meals for them. So, I guess I’ve found my baseline.

There is definitely some re-engineering that has to happen here. But not in the face of deadlines and craziness. You’ve seen the work in progress ideas … stay tuned to see them come to fruition …


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2 Responses to Re-engineering Systems and Processes

  1. Robb says:

    I’ve always found the best way to get rid of the “yuck” comments is to stop cooking/heating for a couple of days and make them all fend for themselves as I cook and prepare meals for one. Two days of pbj and turkey sandwiches equals much less complaining.

    Love the blog

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