Kind of an “Idea Girl”

Once upon a time, I wrote a business plan for a young businessman who described himself as “kind of an idea guy,” who really didn’t want to “get [his] hands dirty” actually doing any work. In that moment, I realized that what he was actually saying was that he wanted me to do all of the work while he sat back and profited from my ability to plan, execute, measure, and refine his “big ideas.” Without actually contributing to building the business himself.

Needless to say, the business relationship ended there.

Now, here I am, more than a decade later, with a whole host of experiences and ideas in my portfolio … and I realize that I’m really good at coming up with ideas. The problem is … I have so many of these fantastic ideas, and am quite competent at seeing a concept all the way through to completion, but alas … there are only 24 hours in the day, and I am only one girl. With a ton of “big ideas.” And so, I think in some ill-fated twist of reality, I’ve become “kind of an idea girl.”

But not today. Today, I am determined to make my ideas a reality. So, I’m rolling up my sleeves and making this Moms Who Drink While Cooking circle-o-chefs a reality. I only have six days left in January, and I vowed to change my cooking systems this month. So, given my self-proclaimed procrastination … it’s only natural that I find myself in this predicament, yes? But, mark my words … before the day is through, I will have scheduled a day, time and place, sent out invitations, and assigned recipes for this “big idea.”

Watch out. Today, I’m minimizing hurdles to success.


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3 Responses to Kind of an “Idea Girl”

  1. Sonia says:

    I’m only just starting to try and minimalise and reclaim space. Now my mum is re-claiming her space by unloading stuff I’d forgotten I even had and reclaiming formerly new found space with stuff. Only she wouldn’t even budge when I tied to urge her to remove the old ball gowns of my and my sisters youth, one of which must be twenty years old by now. Helplessly outdated and quite frankly ugly by todays standard. There is also a compicious absence for some reason of my brothers old suits. Girl clothes are apparently for hanging onto and treasured but boys clothes seemingly are disgarded years beforehand without regret. Why do mothers do this?

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