Jane of all trades. For hire.

Tonight, my Facebook status read: “Is in serious need of a maid. Who cooks. And gardens.”

Surprisingly, I actually received some favorable responses from my friends. Then I had to further qualify my request with: “And is willing to work for free.”

To my surprise, I still had a couple of interested parties, so I had to go back with “I wouldn’t wish this mess on an enemy, let alone a friend.”

But … it got me to thinking … here I am trying to come up with all of these revised systems and methods for house cleaning and food preparation that will not impact the quality time I spend with my family, or take away from the hours I need to clock against my current project load.

Perhaps what makes SuperWoman so super is that she outsources her domestic responsibilities. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Now … if only I could justify that expense on my balance sheet … traded $25/hour of house cleaning services for a few hours of drinking wine and eating bon-bons on the couch … it works for me. And I’m pretty sure my husband would support that effort to maintain my sanity. But I can already tell you … this will *never* fly with my bookkeeper.


About Not-so-SuperMomma

See my previous blog at www.theminimalchallenge.wordpress.com to learn about how I used to be a SuperMom ...
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