Vegas, Baby

You know my husband’s a golfer, right? I think I may have mentioned that before.

Well, you might wonder what he does up here in the frozen tundra for the nine months of the year that the golf course is closed. Turns out that our innovative little club has decided to host a miniature-golf tournament. Wherein, a handful of members volunteer to sponsor a hole, and build it themselves. Creative genius, I think. I can’t wait to see what our fellow members come up with …

What’s that you say?

My husband signed us up to host a hole? Really? That’s funny … because the tournament is today. And I just found out about this miniature-golf-hole-construction-and-decorating project …

wait for it …

YESTERDAY.  Come to find out, my husband has known about it since November. That’s odd, I think. Since we talk EVERY day.

So … there we were … sitting at Home Depot … at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night. Looking for some astroturf. To haul home in our Honda Element. With two kids.

Problem solvers. That’s what we are. Turf. Check. Now, what to do about a theme? And decor? Might as well use something we have lying around … Poker Chips, I guess.

So, here I am, on a Sunday morning, creating a Las Vegas themed miniature golf hole. Out of construction paper and a glue stick. Did I mention that my husband works on Sunday mornings? Yeah, so this tournament starts in T-4 hours. And I’m developing obstacles for our sponsored hole. I really hope they publish our names on this work of art.

Suddenly, it dawns on me why I never have time to address my grocery shopping and cooking woes. Or prepare the plot for my garden.

I suppose I will have minimized some of my over-abundant art supplies before the day is done. That counts for something, right … I mean, it’s no Minimization Jackpot, but it could very possibly result in CRAPs …


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2 Responses to Vegas, Baby

  1. Just like my son telling me on a Sunday night that he has to have a scale model of the solar system for class tomorrow! I thought they would grow out of this habit?! Well it looks like you triumphed with glue stick and construction paper. The picture looks good!

  2. mei says:

    is this some sort of guy thing? my husband has a set of uniforms for work, and when does he start to wash them? friday night? saturday morning? no, he prefers sunday night, 5 minutes before bedtime. and when he completely forgets, he will just put the dirty uniforms in the dryer with whatever clean laundry happens to be in there, and turn it on high for half an hour. all of my thin tshirts are two sizes smaller now and have to be rewashed. thanks, hubbs.

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