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Where did that nice Momma go?

Last night, as my daughter was brushing her teeth, she came out of the bathroom to ask me what happened to that nice Momma in the picture frame–the picture of me on the beach on Santa Catalina Island–moments after my … Continue reading

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GDP = Consumer Spending?

So here I am, enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon while the snow falls quietly outside my window here in the Great North. Drinking a warm cup of coffee brewed by my lovely husband, while our two (now healthy) children snooze … Continue reading

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Beggar’s Banquet

As February nears its end, I’ve finally found some light at the end of my food dilemma tunnel … a little party our friends invented called the “Beggar’s Banquet.” On the last Friday of the month, we all empty the … Continue reading

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The Joy of Cleaning

When I claimed that I was determined to find joy in cleaning my house, I had some doubts. I mean … you know me, right? But then, I walked into the bathroom and found this … Swords don’t belong in … Continue reading

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Back on Track

All aboard! Today, my friends, we are back on track … chugging along at full speed toward our February goal of minimizing things we do not enjoy. First on my list … hibernating in my house with sick kids. So, … Continue reading

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iPhone #7

I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, I will leave you with this photo of my husband’s phone. And the small reminder that my phone–which I’ve had since 2007–is still fully intact. Albeit a bit slow. … Continue reading

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Day 4–Enough of the Staycation

If this were an actual vacation, I would have packed up my family and headed home yesterday. All tapped out. Because, while I like to imagine that I’m sleeping in the cozy down bedding of a five-star luxury resort with turn-down … Continue reading

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