February. Already.

“No honey, the kitties don’t *live* in the garage. I’m just moving their food and litter box out there until they can move outside in the spring. It’s a transitional thing.”

I’ll be honest. I knew I wasn’t a fan of cat personalities. But still, I held out hope that they could prove to be productive members of this family come spring when we get that compost pile up and running …

But living with cats is a whole different experience. They are cute and cuddly for about 5 minutes a day. When they are not climbing the window screens, hopping on my counters, shredding my furniture, or trying to steal my breath while I sleep. The other night, my daughter woke up screaming because the cat was trying to build a nest out of her hair. Terrorizing my children. That was not the goal here. Needless to say, the animals have been sleeping in the laundry room ever since. So … what is one more door away? They race out to the garage every time I open the door anyway. Maybe it’s their “Happy Place.”

Which brings me to my point about February. On New Year’s day when I had all of these lofty goals for myself, I somehow envisioned myself being a chicken farmer. Who do I think I am? I can’t even keep these cats in line. The last thing I need is the cats stalking the chickens and leaving me peace offerings on the door step. Besides. If you knew where I live, you would know that I can’t walk 30 yards in either direction of my driveway without finding a neighbor that sells farm fresh eggs. So, I’m going to go ahead and nix that idea right here on February 1.

That will give me another month to get this Food Management thing figured out. I really am making progress …


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