So, I made a frivolous purchase …

I have a confession to make. I made a frivolous purchase today. It goes against EVERYTHING I’ve been preaching here … another item to add to my collection of “stuff.” And, a BOOK, no less. A book that I could have just as easily checked out from the library. Partially, I am ashamed. But another part of me is just looking forward to curling up in a nice cozy ball and reading this book all weekend.

Let me be clear. I did not go shopping for this book. This book found me.

I actually went shopping for a baby gift for a new addition to my (extended) family. And, while I was out and about, I found myself with an hour to kill in this cute little village full of adorable boutiques. What’s a girl to do? I tried the window shopping thing, but it was raining sideways and only slightly warmer than freezing. So, I ducked inside my favorite little bookstore.

I read a few children’s stories to my daughter. Browsed the Best Sellers wall. Picked up some home decorating books, then quickly set them back down before I was tempted to redecorate my entire house. Then, as I was entertaining the idea of buying an instructional book about Yoga, I stumbled across this fascinating Self-Help book. Great. Self-Help. Why am I always attracted to these books?

Well, I was attracted to this particular book because it had nice photo of a long sandy beach on it … I could almost hear the calm, rhythmic waves crashing on the peaceful shore. I wouldn’t mind being there right now, I think to myself. Then, I flip quickly through the pages, and a few bullet points catch my eye … something about warning signals that indicate when you need to reprioritize your life …

  • You fantasize about packing a bag and leaving for the nearest deserted island. (Check.)
  • You’re so exhausted that the idea of brushing your teeth feels like too much work. (Check, baby, Check.)

OK, she got me. I’m sold. Now I have to read this book. Probably five or six times to make up for the fact that I just purchased an item. But my (im)patience level is such that I’m not about to walk one block up to the library and request this treasure for check-out. Maybe there’s a chapter about this. I’m sure there is … I’ll keep you posted.


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3 Responses to So, I made a frivolous purchase …

  1. Ana says:

    so what’s the name of this so called “frivolous” book…:)

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