Home Sweet Home

Maybe it’s just cabin fever. I hope it’s just cabin fever. Because I was really enjoying the progress I was making minimizing my material possessions. I thought I had really embraced this whole “minimalist” lifestyle.

But the truth is … I’m not sure if I’m much of a Minimalist anymore. I mean … I’m still in the process of purging the bowels of my house full of “stuff,” but as it becomes more and more bare, I’m faced with these stark yellow walls, and zero inspiration.

So, when these Pottery Barn catalogs arrive in the mail, I try to recycle them before they cross the threshold. I should really email them and ask to be removed from their mailing list. Because, in addition to the waste those materials create, the desire to have all of that posh, coordinated “stuff” tugs at my heartstrings.

I’m reminded of how I used to create cozy little *spaces* for my family when I was nesting. And how I would select just the right colors for the walls–which matched the rug and the wooden trim–and then fill the room with candles and glowy warmth. Don’t forget the soft, fluffy throw so you can snuggle up and bliss out.

Lately, though, as I’ve massively purged everything that is not nailed down, I’m feeling a little bit barren in the area of warm fuzzies. And, I don’t necessarily think that is what minimizing is all about. I think it’s about clearing out the clutter and the noise so that I have time to focus on what is important. But part of what is important is creating a nurturing environment for my family.

I’m not saying I need to rush out and buy everything I see in this catalog. Although, I do have my eye on one of each

But I *do* think it is time to embrace this house in the woods. It is time to look beyond the fact that I did not choose to be here, and embrace the fact that it is the house my children call “home.” So, instead of it just being a shelter from the rain, it’s time to turn it into a place where we can weather the storms that life throws at us.

Creating nurturing spaces without buying more stuff to fill the spaces I’ve just emptied … challenge accepted!


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