Pull. It. Together.

OK, I’ll be honest. I always feel a little silly sharing the depths of my soul out here on the Internet for the whole world to read. I prefer to keep my ramblings to things like how high my pile of laundry has grown (my washing machine is broken–go figure) or how many trips I’ve made to donate items to the local thrift store. But then yesterday, I decided to get all deep and philosophical.

And then you, my dear readers, decided to send all of this wonderful feedback and make me think perhaps you want more of that … soul-searching … path finding … chaos minimizing. I can do that. I can Carpe Diem all over the place and bring you all kinds of fascinating wisdom. My brain is an encyclopedia of lessons other people should learn. Really!

But, what I love the most are the emails from friends–life long friends and kindred spirits yet unmet–that share a piece of your lives with me … that give me insight into who you are, and reminds me that we’re all on this journey together.

Sometimes (like last night), at the apex of a crazy week, I find myself shuffling around the kitchen from pantry to freezer to stove just trying to find something to feed my family for dinner. I may even be mumbling profanities to myself wondering why it’s so difficult to just stop at the grocery store. When all of a sudden, I take a look at myself from the outside and think “Why is Ozzy Osborn loose in my kitchen?” So, after I laugh at myself for a minute, I give my children full license to, “just look at me and say ‘Momma, PULL IT TOGETHER.'” It’s during those times when I want to just throw in the towel and live somebody else’s life. Like my girlfriend who is a stay-at-home-mom. Or my friend who works from a sail boat in the Caribbean as a Life Coach, which she can do with a cell phone from anywhere in the world. Shoot. I’d even like to go live in a hut on a deserted island and collect coconuts for a living. I’m easy to please. Really.

That’s when only the best of friends can shock me back to reality. “You think the grass is always greener?” she asks, “Please. I had all kinds of aspirations for myself after college. Working as an office manager for a septic company was NOT one of them.” In that moment, I laughed so hard, I cried. Because, I have to tell you … my smart, funny, articulate friend was the best damn office manager that septic company had ever seen.

The truth is–no matter where we are or what we are doing with our lives, we all share a common goal–we’re all trying to manage the “stuff” in our lives to clear a path to the present moment. No more stressing about what tomorrow might bring. No more beating ourselves up for failing to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Just living in the here and now … Minimizing everything that does not bring me joy so that I can genuinely ENJOY every moment. More on that later …


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