Barbie is Smart Now

Around here, we minimized our TV watching a long time ago. We don’t have cable, and we rarely watch network shows. Occasionally, our kids will watch a DVD, when they need to take it easy. Like today, for instance. My daughter has been fighting a fever all night, and needs to rest. So, my husband dropped our son off at school and stopped to rent a movie for her to watch today–with her glassy little eyes–in between croupy coughs.

Of all of the movies in that kiosk, guess which one he chose for her to watch? Yes! Barbie! Bless his heart, I think to myself … this is just the influence our four-year old needs. Translation: Great. Now I will have to watch it with her …

And, after 83 mind-numbing minutes, I am pleased to report that the Barbie of this generation is a whole different Barbie than the sex symbol I grew up with. She is smart, and articulate, and aspires to be a leader, and encourages young girls to always try their best and do the right thing. I am not recommending this movie, mind you. I’m simply saying that Barbie has evolved. Although, I’d like to point out that her physical measurements are still less (or more?) than proportionate to the actual human race.

Look. I’d be lying if I told you I did not one time wrap myself in a plastic “dress” in keeping with the Barbie Girl lyrics that were such a hit at the time. But I was not an impressionable young girl back then. I was 19. And that college party was … well … a different story entirely.

The point is … Barbie has grown up. She even has movies now. A regular little entrepreneur, she is. Thank goodness. Because I can’t have my beautiful blonde daughter thinking she is anything less than Barbie-Smart.

Minimizing stereotypes. One generation at a time.


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2 Responses to Barbie is Smart Now

  1. Susan says:

    I do so love it when someone says, “I don’t like what [fill in the culturally inappropriate item here] is teaching my children.”
    My reply is, “Then don’t let it teach them. You teach them.”
    You are teaching your daughter to find the good to be gleaned from everything. I don’t believe any cultural icon or television/movie message is ever going to be a worthy teacher. It will always be the parent, there to be the filter for the inappropriate and catalyst for the appropriate who will really teach the child.
    I played with little plastic horses instead of Barbies and I have yet to wear a saddle.

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