Back on Track

All aboard! Today, my friends, we are back on track … chugging along at full speed toward our February goal of minimizing things we do not enjoy.

First on my list … hibernating in my house with sick kids. So, I woke up this morning, looked at the clock, realized I had 25 minutes to wake my son, find his clothes, make his breakfast, and pack his lunch. Done. With 2 minutes to spare. One child off to school.

Yesterday, we finally secured antibiotics for our daughter’s double ear infection. Securing antibiotics. I don’t know if you’ve tried that lately, but I think it might be easier to smuggle hard drugs across the border these days than get a pediatrician to write a prescription for an antibiotic. I understand that in generations past we’ve over-medicated our children to the point of growing super-germs. But, in my daughter’s defense, this may be the second time in nearly five years that she’s ever needed antibiotics. Minimizing bacteria. Check.

Next on my list … putting this house back together after a week of pirate forts and art shows. And, since I have a few spare seconds to breathe in between projects that are about to land next week, there’s no time like the present. Usually, I do not enjoy cleaning. Today, I will thoroughly enjoy the end result. I’m also racing against the snow fall which is looming for this afternoon and threatening to lock us in for at least three more days. Cleaning to show my home a little mercy before the next storm. That will feel good.

Finally, stale air. I don’t care that it’s 33 degrees outside with a blanket of snow inches thick. We’ve been breathing the same sickly stale air for weeks now. Bundle up. Spring Cleaning is coming. Ready or not.

Let’s do this.


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1 Response to Back on Track

  1. Susan says:

    One of my favorite remedies for stale air, if you can stand it, is to slow roast some garlic with bay leaves and rosemary. I find it a far more home and hearth-filled scent than any scented candles or pretty cleaning products.
    It may have to do with my great memories attached to those smells of roasted chicken, or most likely – chicken gravy – but I understand that members of the allium family (garlic, onions et al) contain natural antibiotics and that should count for something. Something like, even though I know roasting them won’t fill the air with antibiotics, the placebo effect on my psyche combined with joy-filled (and stomach-filled) memories HAS to be healing. Doesn’t it? Actually, don’t tell me, okay?

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