Beggar’s Banquet

As February nears its end, I’ve finally found some light at the end of my food dilemma tunnel … a little party our friends invented called the “Beggar’s Banquet.”

On the last Friday of the month, we all empty the left-overs out of our refrigerators and gather at one of our houses (not ours this time, because you know I’m looking for ANY excuse to get out of this place after being trapped by the flu–and snow). We share a hodge-podge of left-overs, maybe a couple of drinks, and the laughter of good company.

This plan kills so many birds with one stone … it minimizes the food in my refrigerator, allows all of us to try some tasty treats that we did not cook ourselves, minimizes my need to think of something to prepare for dinner tonight, gives my kids an opportunity to play with their friends, and my husband and myself and opportunity to socialize with grown-ups.

And on this beautiful, sunny day … a few Happy Hour(s).

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. I literally cannot help but count the minutes until I walk out my front door today … for the first time since I can remember … but who’s counting? (Note … if anything thwarts my plans today, you may not hear from me again … I’ll be locked up in Crazy Town.)


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