Herb Garden

As I transition back into the goals of my personal life, out here on the Minimal Challenge, I am reminded that my goal for March was to grow a Herb Garden. So I can cook with flavor. I hold true to that goal. And, since you know I’ve already failed miserably at the cooking goals I’ve set for myself, at least I can strive to attain the flavor goal. And, if nothing else, I can throw a basil leaf into a grilled cheese sandwich, or some rosemary into a bowl of pre-made tomato soup. Or, if we’re being honest, some muddled mint into a fresh Mojito. Right?

So, I’m browsing the web for Herb Gardening tips. Kits that I could start in the house. An after school project for my children. See, an educational project I can do with my kids. I’m a regular home-schooler here. Then, I wonder … Where will I set up this little herbal science experiment?

As I glance around my house, I suppose I could set it right there in the middle of the island. Right next to that beautiful basket full of dead pansies that I was given for Valentine’s day. Dead Pansies. Is there any flower heartier than a pansy? I mean, they survive freezing temperatures in full bloom. The winter flower. It hasn’t even been a month since I received this lovely basket. And already, I’ve managed to kill them for lack of water. While they were sitting on my counter staring me in the face every day.

This reminds me of the time I managed to kill a huge outdoor pot of bamboo. Bamboo. Most people have to contain those roots. But not me … “impressive” is the word my brother used.

Quick. Someone check to be sure the cats are still alive.

It strikes me that perhaps my goals and my abilities are not exactly aligned. Perhaps I should start by minimizing some of the expectations I have of myself.


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