Minimizing the Pacific Northwest

I’m not trying to be a glass-half-empty kind of girl. God knows with the rain around here, that glass should be overflowing. I’m just saying … when this is the outlook … I could use a glimpse of sunshine pouring down on this parade.

When I look out at the grey skies, rain-soaked yard, and dull, gloomy colors all around, I think to myself … I need some of those brightly colored rubber boots and a hot pink umbrella to take my children puddle jumping.

Why does my mind instantly go to shopping? I’m a minimalist, remember? Perhaps because the display I saw at the store yesterday was the single splash of color I had seen in days? Perhaps because shopping is an indoor activity that would keep me dry. And get me out of the house.

Well, my husband’s mind goes straight to shopping too. Only, while my purchase would likely total less than $35, he’s searching for new homes on the golf courses in Palm Springs. That makes sense, I guess. Sun. Golf. Another mortgage to add to our minimalist budget. Sun. Golf.

I’m not suggesting we make any rash decisions. But did I mention the sun?


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3 Responses to Minimizing the Pacific Northwest

  1. karyle says:

    I agree! We need a gym, a YMCA, some place for kids and adults to go wild and play and run and skip. My word, this rain is getting old. (A SUNNY gym would be even better!)

    • Susan says:

      Oh yes! If someone would design an indoor space lit by those lovely “Sunshine” bulbs it would probably be an instant hit no matter what activities it contained.
      Now I’m thinking back to all those Ray Bradbury stories about colonies on a perpetually rain-soaked Mars.

  2. Susan says:

    Right there with ya’ lady! Just talked with a friend in Perth about 90+ heat, so I took a little Google Earth trip to Southern Australia/New Zealand and dreamed about fresh starts.
    Remember, those forecasts are often wrong about our little patch of the Sound. Teensy-tiny ray of hope?

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