True Love’s Kiss

It’s been an emotional week, to say the least. My Grandma passed away peacefully in her sleep a few days ago. I had the sweet opportunity to sit with her and hold her hand the day before.

As I was trying to explain to my children that she passed, when I had just visited her and seen her sleeping so soundly, my son asked “Why couldn’t you just wake her up with True Love’s Kiss? Doesn’t she have a Prince?”

“Yes. She is with her Prince now,” was my reply.

“Well … then … isn’t she happy?” asked my daughter.

“Yes. She is.” I confirmed.

There is nothing I want to minimize about this situation. Except perhaps the grief that followed. But I do want to take this opportunity to celebrate the innocence of childhood. The sweet, simple logic that makes this world a beautiful place. The wonder and curiosity of children exploring difficult concepts that we, as adults, continue to wrestle with throughout our lives.

And I hope that as I continue to minimize the clutter of chaos and unnecessary noise in my life, I will have more opportunities to recognize these irreplaceable little gems that are the true “stuff” of life.


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One Response to True Love’s Kiss

  1. Susan says:

    I wonder who might ever have taught them to be so wise?
    What a gift it must be when they can transform the comfort they have received from you into comfort to give to you.
    Bless ’em.

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