Not exactly “on the same page” …

It will come as no shock to you that when my husband got home (from golfing), and I shared my ’round-the-country-road-trip plans with him, he was … well … less than “on the same page” as me, I guess you could say. After a lively discussion, I think I have him convinced to at least consider my plans … with a few minor alterations.

Then we took our kids to the toy store to finish our son’s birthday shopping with the gift money that has been burning a hole in his pocket. No sooner did we pull in the parking lot, than my husband spotted this bad boy …

What is it, you ask? So did we. Then we drove past the emblem on the back. This, my friends, is the new 2011 Airstream. By Mercedes. (See previous post on our Car Shopping Curse.)

I honestly don’t know what my husband has against sleeping in a Honda Element with our family of four for 9-10 months on end. We are clearly not on the same page here.

But, marriage is about compromise. So, I suppose if he is going to meet me halfway and agree to tour the country for a year, I can at least meet him half way and agree to do it in a Mercedes Airstream. Love sometimes requires sacrifices, you know.


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5 Responses to Not exactly “on the same page” …

  1. Kimi says:

    Perhaps if your map was starred with Golf courses along the way, it may have been received more readily?

  2. cezen says:

    You are going to live my dream… I am very jealous! I did it for 6 months while my husband was deployed out of a Subaru Tribeca and a tent… NOT as much fun as a Sprinter!

  3. Susan says:

    Are you sure you don’t want to take someone along to homeschool the kids? 😉

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