The Moat Monster

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you we currently have a moat around our house. It is roughly 20 feet wide, and probably 8-10 inches deep. We’ve yet to see any monsters swimming in it, but my children are monitoring that situation closely on a daily basis. I guess this is what happens when we have the fifth-wettest March in recorded history. (And it’s not even over yet.)

The irony here, is that we live on top of a hill. We’re probably located on one of the higher points on this Island. So … I’m afraid to know what is going on in the low lands. But I am hoping this new water feature will stick around long enough to pitch this place as waterfront property.

Because, I’m pretty sure this is the last piece of evidence I needed to convince me that it is time for my family to minimize our livelihood down to the few items necessary for survival in a Honda Element turned ECamper and take to the open road for our fun family adventure.

My husband is rolling his eyes at me. That is … until I devise a map that has us visiting such National Monuments as Pebble Beach and Augusta National golf courses. We’ve got some potential here, my friends. Some potential indeed.

The thing is … I can work from virtually anywhere with my laptop and a wi-fi connection. And, my husband has gone back to school to earn his Leisure Specialist certification–an online educational opportunity, if you will. Which he manages to fit around practicing to qualify for the Pro Golf Tour our children’s school schedule. And, since our kids are barely in elementary school (and my husband’s a teacher), I’m pretty sure we can teach them their reading, writing, and math skills poolside from our various golf resorts in between spa massages from the camp grounds in our ECamper after we stop to rest for the night. Maybe they’ll even blog about their adventures while they sharpen their computer skills, and work on photography as an arts and crafts activity. For exercise, we’ll golf, play tennis, swim at the camp grounds, and play soccer in random parks that we discover. They’ll learn geography as we study the map to determine our next destination, and social studies by finding folk art festivals and people-watching across this great melting pot we call America.

In my mind (and so far, on paper), this all makes good sense to me. One year of extreme minimalism to help us all discover what is really important in life. Because, I am telling you … if I have to stare down two more months of rain with no light at the end of the tunnel, there’s going to be a monster living in this Ark we call home.


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3 Responses to The Moat Monster

  1. Susan says:

    Ahhhhh… bliss.
    As much as I would want to shout, “NO! Don’t leave!” I really like your idea. And since I could continue to meet you here, I say, “Why not?”

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