Sunshine and Rainbows

I don’t want to jinx anything here, but I think I might actually see a hint of blue sky peeking through the trees. And sunshine. There may not technically be any rainbows out there, but there should be, given the pure euphoria coursing through my soul right now.

This can only mean one thing. Today must be the day that I begin the Minimal Challenge of my waistline (she says while shoving the last of the donut-holes in her mouth).

As you know, I’ve reprioritized all of the “stuff” in my life, so there’s no excess of toys to organize, or shelves to dust. The stacks of boxes in the garage have even been minimized by my husband–who needed room for an indoor golf hitting studio (but who am I to complain? That makes for wide open spaces and very little clutter). Leaving me with just enough time in my life to prioritize my health and fitness.

So … here I go … out into the elements to clear my mind and minimize my excess “winter coat.” You know I’m headed out the front door though, because I still need diving gear to get out my back door.


As I turned and looked out my back door, I literally found ducks swimming in my YARD. Below is my documented evidence …



<< This is the female on the lookout while her mate hunts and gathers in the bushes.




This is the handsome male mallard with his colorful markings and bright green head.

(I’m pretty sure the value of my property just increased. Because what was once just a flooding issue is now, technically, a water feature. With wildlife. Is it not?)


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