… with bated breath …

I almost don’t even want to verbalize this to the universe just yet, but since you are my dear friends and readers, I just have to tell you …

After five long years of being buried in a box of files from my office, I’ve finally pulled out the manuscript for my children’s story and submitted it to an agent. It’s been sitting here, just waiting to be published since before my son could walk. But then … there was work, and child rearing, and moving, and minimizing. And life just continued to throw me curve balls. I’ve dabbled with the idea of publishing it for years now, but then I discovered that writing a book is the easy part. Finding and agent and an illustrator and a publisher are the hard parts. So, since you know I’m a self-convicted procrastinator … here we are. Five years later and no book to show for it. In spite of the fact that I’ve written the whole series in my mind.

This sounds like a conundrum, you might think … publishing a book to become another shelved item that might someday need to be minimized as the owners clear the space they need to breathe. I know. I struggle with that. If it wasn’t a children’s story, I’d opt for an E-Book and save a few trees. But I belive that pre-schoolers need physical books that they can touch and feel to consume the brightly colored pictures with the creative words that help them excite their senses as they learn visually, audibly, and tactically.

Besides, with the wisdom and foresight of a minimalist-who-didn’t-know-it-yet, the book inspires children to use their imaginations to entertain themselves without needing toys or television or objects to monopolize their attention. So, I would argue that it is still in keeping with the theme here.

And besides that, I can’t wait to sign a copy for each of my children … with love, Momma.

I’ll let you know how this all turns out. Hopefully it won’t be another five years before I have an update.


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