Oh, the Possibilities …

I’m not going to lie. I’ve become consumed with our plans to take our family on a cross-country adventure. There’s a lot of planning that needs to happen still … finances, routes and destinations, and our children’s educations, to name a few.

But, regardless of whether we’ll be touring the country in our Honda ECamper, or the Land Yachts my husband is investigating, one thing is certain … we are going to have to massively minimize the rest of our material possessions. Thankfully, the last seven months have set us on the path toward total minimization. But, we are not there yet.

The next phase of our minimization efforts will be markedly different. Minimizing our possessions while still trying to maintain a functional household in mainstream America, and minimizing our possessions to fit in an Airstream while crossing America are two vastly different tasks. And, since I’ve never met a challenge I couldn’t conquer, I’ll accept this one also.

As I look around my house now, I see the potential for a whole different kind of yard sale. While the items I minimized last summer were things like extra kitchen goods and clothes that didn’t fit … miscellaneous knickknacks and non-essential clutter … this minimization effort will be a different undertaking. Can I interest you in a couch? And its matching love seat? How about office furniture? Matching desk and file cabinet? Queen bed set with coordinating armoires? Dining room table with four ladder-back chairs? Picture frames, dishes, appliances, and books galore. All of the shared-items that did not fit on my Personal 100 Things list …

I’m almost giddy with excitement. What about when we return, you ask? We will return, won’t we? Absolutely, we will. (She says while shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders.)

Well, it’s time I let you in on my dirty little secret … all of this junk I’ve been working so hard to minimize this year is only about HALF of our total possessions. Because, we  have a fully furnished beach house that we’ve been renting out for the last year. So … if we return from our adventure and find ourselves in dire need of matching office furniture, plush leather chairs, or coordinating kitchen ware … well … that will be a conversation to be had during Phase Two of the Minimal Challenge. Besides, I am clearly not attached to any of the “stuff” in that house. So, if we were to (hypothetically speaking, of course) decide to sell everything and become professional nomads … I think we could get there rather quickly.

(An aside to my husband: Yes, honey. This is just for one year. Then we’ll return and be “normal” people again. However, it is my job as a writer to keep my audience captivated … so we’ll just keep the possibility of extending our road trip–indefinitely–on the table for now as a potential storyline. That’s all. Winks.)


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