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From Breakthrough to Break-up

This morning, as I was lying peacefully asulmber in bed, one of the ferocious felines invited himself to join me. This doesn’t usually go so well for Dingo. But, since I was tired, and he was treading lightly, I decided … Continue reading

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Getting her Groove Back

“I’m having a hard time at school, Momma,” my daughter blurts out of nowhere as we’re cleaning her bedroom the other day.¬†I find this statement to be¬†completely uncharacteristic of her, given she is a little chameleon who can find a … Continue reading

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Royal Moments

I’m not sure if you can see what is happening in this picture, but if you look closely, you’ll see my son’s gorilla scaling the wall of my daughter’s princess castle. I can’t tell you exactly what transpired here–as I … Continue reading

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Minimizing Laziness

The other night, we had an unexpected birthday party to attend. For which we were completely unprepared. I mean COMPLETELY. In spite of the fact that we had a semi-birthday celebration the day before the birthday, and I made a … Continue reading

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What I am not …

Since I so effectively managed to minimize harmful chemicals in my sink drain yesterday, I decided my April work has been done. I’m not looking for any more chemical alternatives, because I’m not a chemist. But, I did decide to … Continue reading

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Drano vs. Diet Cherry Cola

My husband physically cringes when I walk into a room with that “I’m about to prove a point. At your expense.” look on my face. I can’t honestly say I know what this so-called “face” looks like, but apparently I … Continue reading

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Alternative Cleaning Solutions

It wouldn’t be prudent for me to round out April without a few tips and tricks for Cleaning Supplies that won’t kill you to use them. By which I mean … toxic poisoning. I cannot speak to your affection for … Continue reading

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