Prescriptive Guidance

This morning, as I was looking for similar blogs to enhance my new sidebar widget, “LikeMinds” (look to the right), I stumbled across this post on ZenHabits called A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home.

Fantastic, I thought. A guide my readers will love. That I don’t have to brainstorm myself. As I read Leo’s words, I  agreed wholeheartedly with every point he made. Having never met Leo–or visited his site–I can’t say whether we have anything in common or not. But, what he had to say about minimalism resonated well, including his top three benefits:

  1. Less stressful
  2. More appealing
  3. Easier to clean

Who doesn’t want a home with those qualities? I thought you might enjoy his step-by-step guide toward minimalism. Enjoy!


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