Thankful Book

I once heard someone say that every word that comes out of a child’s mouth is profoundly important and should be listened to with great care. While I want to believe that my children speak with the tongues of angels, I will be perfectly honest and tell you that after being held captive in my house for a week with rambunctious elementary schoolers who are anxious for greater social interaction and mind stimulation than I was able to provide this week, their conversations quickly devolved into bickering and complaining this weekend. So, I’m not trying to be argumentative myself, but I find it hard to believe when listening through the filter of my very last nerve that a conversation that goes like this “Stop–no–don’t–stop–waaaaa–I said quit it–I’m telling–no, don’t–stop–I mean it–knock it off–waaaaaa” holds a great deal of profound insight.

That said, when my children are well-rested and adequately entertained, they are perfectly delightful little people. In fact, they never cease to amaze me. From side-splittingly funny to insightfully inquisitive, their comments and questions always keep me on my toes. Together, we’ve pondered everything from why the clouds rain fresh water if they get their water from the salty ocean, to how deer know to cross at the deer-crossing signs–because it doesn’t seem very safe for deer to be crossing the road at all. There is always something fabulous to explore in their expanding minds. And, more often than not, they completely surprise me with their insights …

Especially when my daughter wanders into my office with a project she’s been working on all afternoon … What is it? I ask … because I can’t quite tell from her abstract art on the cover.

Her Thankful Book, she tells me. Then she opens it up and shows me all of the adorable little stick figures she’s drawn inside representing our family.

Where did she get this idea?, I wonder as I scoop her up into my lap to share in her joy. She just thought of it, she said … because she is so thankful for her Momma and Poppa and her brother and her dog and her two cats. Does life get any more precious than that?

I’m pretty thankful for that girl. And I’m pretty thankful she didn’t draw pictures of all of her toys or clothes or material goods that fill up her life. Because now I know that my four-year old “gets it.”

(Can we just go ahead and consider my work here done? Because I’m not looking forward to the teenage years after the week we’ve had. But the sweet moments like this … I’d like to cherish forever.)


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One Response to Thankful Book

  1. SherryGreens says:

    Awww, sweet girl. What a memory to cherish. We had some discussions today about why rain is clear, and why snow is white, if they are both made of water….

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