Dream Interpretations

I’m not one of those astrological dream-interpreter types. Although I do have a good friend who owns the anthology of all possible dream interpretations. We sure got a kick out of all of the possible messages our psyches were trying to send us back in college. The irony is that one dream symbol can be interpreted so many different ways that if you dream you are losing your teeth, it can mean you’re an indecisive person, or that you are unhappy with your life. Or, even that you are afraid of failure. Which basically leads me to believe that dreams mean whatever you want them to mean. In my mind, they fall somewhere between fortune cookies and horoscopes. That is to say … I don’t spend a lot of time analyzing them.

But, after my daughter has awoken in the middle of the night with nightmares for two nights in a row, I’ve started thinking … her first dream was about a big creepy man in a cowboy hat that came into our house, snatched her from the playroom, and ran away with her (until her Momma chased him down and saved her). Her second dream was that she and her brother were playing in the front yard when ghosts appeared. We don’t watch Scooby-Doo around this house, so I’m not sure where these dreams are coming from. But I am pretty sure that my little girl is feeling unsafe or insecure about something.

I don’t know if it stems from going back to school and being away from home after a long lazy Spring Break, or if she’s just had so many late nights in a row that she is low on sleep and feeling run-down. I can’t quite pinpoint the source of her troubles. But I kept her home from school today to snuggle her safely on the couch and make sure she gets an adequate nap this afternoon.

Minimizing Monsters. That’s what we’re about today.

And, since I think there’s always a lesson to be learned, I think this tactic might apply to adults too. When you start to feel stressed or anxious or unsettled for some unexplained reason, take some time to sleep on it. Boost your immune system. Give yourself a break. Take a day off. Be sure to include an afternoon nap. It will do wonders for your psyche. Trust me. I do it all the time.


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