Be careful what you wish for …

You know how I often wish for silence, yes?

Well, today I’ve been blessed with two fully plugged ears to accompany my sore throat and sneezing, coughing, achy Spring Surprise that was no doubt dragged home from my kids’ school. Miraculously, they’re doing just fine, so I’m the lucky one this time.

I’m feeling guilty, because I’m laying in bed reading a book while I should really be working. But every time I get on a conference call I strain to decipher my client’s heavy East Indian accent, accompanied by his colleague’s thick German accent. Over my static cellular reception. Through fully clogged ears.

Normally, I pride myself on my note-taking prowess. Today, I pride myself on sitting in an upright position for 25 minutes and managing to gather the three key take-aways from that meeting.

Today I’m minimizing work. And I’m not going to lie to you … I could maybe get used to this.


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