What I am not …

Since I so effectively managed to minimize harmful chemicals in my sink drain yesterday, I decided my April work has been done. I’m not looking for any more chemical alternatives, because I’m not a chemist.

But, I did decide to take a peak back at my 2011 Resolutions to check out what I have in store for May–minimizing our reliance on energy, it turns out. Because back in January, I imagined that May might be sunny enough to line dry laundry. HA! That was before my washing machine went kaput. And before La Nina struck. Which brings me to believe that even if I were in a position to install solar panels on my roof, they would not likely light up my house. I base this hypothesis on the fact that the tiny little solar-powered blue-tooth device for using my cell phone in my car can’t even gain enough charge for me to have a conversation with my husband. And I don’t even like to talk on the phone … so … solar power is not exactly going to be feasible here in this corner of the world. Although, I’m not a solar expert, either.

Now, if we could just find a way to convert our ground water into energy, we might be getting somewhere. That, however is more than I can handle in the present moment. Especially as I look back at my list of resolutions and realize that I haven’t exactly surpassed any expectations yet. For example, in January, I planned to revolutionize my food productivity. That’s still on my To-Do list. Maybe I’ll tackle that this week. Since, in February I decided early-on to forego my aspirational plans to become a chicken farmer. And then, in March, I thought about planting herbs. Which would have drowned by now. I’m not looking for a way to place blame here, but I am going to point out that the weather has not exactly cooperated with my plans this year. And I’d also like to go on record as saying–I’ve never complained about the weather here before. But this year is one for the record books. Although, I’m not exactly a historian.

Here’s what I am … a dreamer with big ideas. And also a problem solver. So, my plan for May is to convert my goal of minimizing my reliance on energy to maximizing my own physical energy. By … (drumroll please) … exercising! Minimizing Laziness, I guess you could call it. I need to start by finding the right shoes. Because the third physical therapist I consulted also told me to stop wearing flip-flops. So, since I’ll be down one pair of shoes, I might as well find the most versatile shoe I can to replace them. Comfortable, sporty, functional, weather repellant … here’s what I’m thinking … Vibram Five Fingers. Do any of you have any experience with these shoes? Because I’m no podiatrist …


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2 Responses to What I am not …

  1. Susan says:

    Vibram: My housemate/landlord , Tyler, wears them all the time and adores them!

    Weather: Right there with you! In 12 years I have rarely complained about the PNW Rainforest’s perpetual drip, but this year it actually has me so demoralized I don’t have SADD, I have FUPNW, which comes with an involuntary tic affecting one finger. I feel like a character from Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. *sigh*

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