Minimizing Laziness

The other night, we had an unexpected birthday party to attend. For which we were completely unprepared. I mean COMPLETELY. In spite of the fact that we had a semi-birthday celebration the day before the birthday, and I made a mental note to buy a gift and find a card the next day so we could celebrate this birthday on the actual birthday. You will not believe this, but … my mental note failed me!

So, there I was … sitting on the couch in my sweats. At 5:00 in the evening. Coughing and hacking away. Sipping warm tea. While my kids ran in circles around me making the sound effects of Star Wars battles. In their underwear. My husband called from work to tell me we had a dinner party that evening. He’ll meet me there. Can I grab a card? And some flowers? And think of a gift?

You know we live on an island where EVERY store closes by 5:00 pm, right? Well … except the convenience stores–which are conveniently only open until 9:00 pm. There was nothing convenient enough at those stores to get me through this party though … think. think. think.

I stood up to try to gain some perspective. I grabbed the craft supplies so my kids could get started on their homemade birthday cards. Priceless, right? What else, what else?

Then I spotted the Yoga video I just bought sitting there on the counter. Still in its cellophane wrapper. PERFECT, I thought! Because this particular gift is for someone who *just* started a new diet and work-out routine yesterday. She will LOVE to learn Yoga in the privacy of her own home. No kidding. I couldn’t have thought of a better gift if I had actually gone to the store and picked something out for her specifically. This is the perfect gift with the perfect timing for the perfect party.

And, since it’s not technically May yet, I guess I just bought myself a couple more days of laziness before I start my own energy maximization plan via livingroom Yoga practice. Win-Win. I love that.


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