And … it’s May. Already.

As all good goal-setters do, I jumped right out of bed this morning, eager to embark on my May aspirations to maximize my energy by minimizing my laziness. (Right after my husband let me sleep in and greeted me with coffee and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.) It’s still a little chilly out there, you know. And … we have nothing but housework on the agenda today, so I can really go for a walk any time … might as well ease into it …

When I finally bent over to lace up my sneakers and head out for my 60 minutes of exercise, I have to admit … I questioned my motives. Long-term health and well-being is, of course, my primary goal here … but that’s such an abstract concept when you’re already relatively healthy and well. Preventative care, while a worthy endeavor, is a difficult motivator to get me out there running (that’s what I like to call walking) on a regular basis. But then I look at the calendar and realize that skirt-sport season is right around the corner. And because I’m a humanitarian, I realize it would be cruel and unusual to subject anyone to *this* in a skirt.

Also, I have a wedding to attend in just two short months … in a vineyard in the Napa Valley. I have always dreamed of celebrating a marriage and eating dinner at a long table in a vineyard. So, I want pictures to capture that fantastic event.

Finally, I have this vivid recollection of a lecture from my drill-sergent high school PE teacher. One Friday as I was faking my way out of running the timed mile (again), she launched into this lecture about how my classmates and I were in the best shape we were ever going to be in for our entire lives. At sixteen, I doubted most authority, and especially hers. This is the same woman who only a week before had lectured on the threat of heart-disease being higher in apple-shaped women than pear-shaped women. She put herself in the pear-shaped category. I wanted to ask if she meant gourd-shaped category (the world’s largest fruit), but was fairly certain that would result in my running another mile (or two), so I decided to forego the obvious line of questioning.

At any rate, I went on to college, ran more, taught tennis, joined aerobics, and power walked across campus multiple times a day. In pure spite of my high school PE teacher, really. As a whole, I was in really great shape for most of my teenage years. Then I got married, had kids, and turned into a big ball of mush. With my PE teacher’s words echoing through my body. I could just picture her smirking at me and telling me she told me so. Somewhere in the last few years, I told myself that by the time I’m 35, I’ll be in marathon running shape. It’s my personal, aspirational goal, and as that magic number rapidly approaches, I’m finding myself further and further away from that goal. There are only a few things currently standing in my way of running a marathon:

  1. I hate running.
  2. My ankles, knees, and hips–which are ridiculously out of shape.
  3. The rest of my body which is even further out of shape. (Unless you count “gourd” as a shape.)
  4. My desire to run a marathon.

But otherwise, I think I’m right on track. Especially with my May goals of minimizing laziness. In addition to being physically healthy, I think a little time to myself will do wonders for my mental well-being. So, I set out on my path … through the forest, around the lake, past horse pastures. When the diesel-guzzling monsters aren’t threatening to run me off the road, I am lulled by the cheerful sounds of birds chirping and brooks babbling. I even find Mother Nature’s bright bouquets of allergins dandelions cheering me on from the roadside on this beautiful May Day.

Here we go … there will be no stopping me now. Right?


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