I find it intriguing that in order to maximize my energy, I have to go for a “run,” which zaps my energy so completely. And then somehow my endorphins kick in and I’m ready to conquer the world. I don’t like it. But it’s working.

It also strikes me as counter-intuitive that during a “busy season” with my work, I’m forcing myself to step away from my computer for an hour at lunch and go for a “run.” That one’s challenging on multiple levels–first, its hard to find motivation to go for a run, period. Second, it’s difficult for me to justify spending an hour on myself when there is so much work to do. And third, I really don’t like exercise, so it’s much easier to spend that hour surfing the Internet.

I’ve also found that the term “clearing your mind” is actually a bona fide side-effect of working out. Because, in my mind, I think “well, I’ll spend this hour brainstorming questions for next week’s focus group, or ironing out the details of that sponsor letter.” But, when I get out there, my mind wanders from the kinesthesiology behind the way my feet are striking the pavement and sending shooting pains through my knees all the way up to my lower back, to how the birds stop singing when a car goes by … and then I notice the brook by the side of the road that I never noticed was there from inside the car while speeding by at 50 mph. How can I keep my mind focused when there are so many new sights and sounds and scents to take in?

Finally, as I’m laying on the porch “stretching” (by which I mean writhing around in pain and wishing I were dead), I’m transfixed by the Bald Eagles circling high above the trees. That looks so serene and peaceful. What a nice juxtaposition to my self-inflicted pain and suffering.

Aah … so this is what it means to look at the world through a different “lens,” I think to myself …


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