4 going-on 24

“Do I look like Barbie?” my four-year old daughter asks me.

Don’t think for a minute that my mind jumps instantly to the Barbie movie my husband rented for her a few months ago. Blame has no place in joint parenting. In fact, the thought doesn’t even cross my mind.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

She explains that with the wallet she found to hold her cell-phone-turned-camera that I gave her to help support finding her “photography groove,” she thinks she looks quite fashionable. I can’t argue. She’s wearing a navy blue jumper-style dress with white polka dots, and has a sleek BRIGHT red wallet tucked under her arm.

With her long blonde hair, fair skin, and sparkling blue eyes, she actually looks *exactly* like Barbie. What am I going to do with this little fashionista?

I guess I’ll start by minimizing stereotypes … again.


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