Fact: Seattle averages 58 sunny days per year.

Read that again. Fifty-eight, I tell you. Of 365 total. For you mathematicians out there, that’s a mere 15.89 percent of the year that we see sun.

There’s also a rumor that the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) rate in Seattle is inversely proportionate to the number of sunny days we have per year.

I’m not saying this is not a beautiful place to live for 58 days a year. But Lord have mercy … if it doesn’t stop raining soon, my feet are going to evolve into flippers.

You know I am really not a complainer, right? But I need a snorkel to get to my car. And there are ducks living in my back yard.

All I’m trying to do is go for a run to minimize my laziness and maximize my energy. Is it too much to ask for just one hour a day of non-rain?

My apologies. That is the last you will hear about the weather. Because I’m busy selling everything I own so I can move to my deserted island in the South Pacific.



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