Expiration breeds Inspiration

Yesterday, as I was lamenting that I’m lacking inspiration, a wise friend told me that “expiration breeds inspiration.” What does that mean, you might wonder? Well, for example, she told me … in the case of minimizing, I am so inspired when I clean out a closet or empty a shelf … expiring my material goods is inspiring to me.

She’s right! I’ve been thinking about this concept all day. I suppose you could say it’s sort of like the old adage about how when one door closes, another opens. I like to think of it as that feeling of having too many balls in the air while waiting to see where they might land.

This whole perpetual juggling thing is getting me nowhere. I either need to convert this perpetual motion into a centrifugal force–allowing the balls to juggle themselves–or I need to stop juggling and let the balls land already. Either way, I’m minimizing my efforts in the middle of this mess.

Maybe if I just let go of everything, all of the chaos will expire and I will start in a new and inspirational place. At this point, it’s worth a shot. Yes?

OM ….


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