Girlfriends and Sleepovers

Well, you know how the weather has been hampering my ability to work out–and therefore my plans to minimize my laziness by maximizing my energy, right? You probably also know that I am not one to accept defeat so easily. Instead, I’ve decided to defy the weather and enjoy myself in spite of it. Not by running in the rain, mind you. This is still me we’re talking about.

Rather, I’ve been spending “indoor” time re-connecting with long-lost friends. You know–balancing the whole mental and emotional aspects of well-rounded holistic health. The past few months have afforded me the unannounced and uninvited opportunities to connect with many of my college girlfriends, and not-so-distant relatives. And, I have to admit, I’m really enjoying it. The thing is … you form these friendships and forge these bonds when you are young and carefree … and able to sit up chatting until all hours of the night over pizza and ice cream. And then life happens … we get jobs that require us to be awake in the morning, making bed time a necessary element of our overall well-being. We get married, have children, move away … and send Christmas cards once a year (somewhere around Valentine’s Day in my case).

Don’t get me wrong … I wouldn’t change anything about my life now … my husband and children are the highlights of my life. But it is nice to reconnect with those select friends you know so well and love so much that you can instantly pick up right where you left off. You know the ones … where you can go to visit, put the kids to bed early, lounge around eating pizza and ice cream, and stay up talking until all hours of the night. Only this time there are much more severe consequences for staying up until 2:30 am … and they don’t include hang-overs or failed finals. They include young children bouncing you out of bed at 6:30 am, and a coffee pot that

So then, you spend the next day visiting with your friend and trying to maximize laziness while minimizing required energy outputs. Only, your kids–who went to bed early last night so you could visit–are bounding with energy and eager to play with their new friends, so you decide to take them to the park where they can run and jump abundantly while you sit quietly on a bench and continue chatting. Only then they discover the trail to the beach, so your attempt to parlay your lounging on the couch to lounging at the park is trumped by a hike through the forest and a steep climb back up. With kids running down the muddy pathways. And suddenly you’re running to keep up with them. In sandals. And jeans. And a sweater that is way too hot for this day. Because the sun finally decided to make an appearance.

On the one day I’m too tired to go for a run. But I run anyway, because tomorrow it will rain again.


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2 Responses to Girlfriends and Sleepovers

  1. Amanda says:

    I hear you sister! Why is it the only times kids want lazy-time is when you need to get out the door 10 minutes ago? And yet trying to explain to them the beauty of Sunday morning, in bed till 10am is completely lost in cries for pancakes and compulsary games of tag and “Oh my goodness, how did you get to mommy’s red nail polish?!”

    We are trying to minimize as well (my four-year-old daughter and me). We’ve minimized TV by maximizing walks to the beach. Minimized junk food by maximizing fun to cook food. It’s not easy with little ones but keep at it! Maybe one day we’ll get them to understand the less is more practice…at least when it comes to dumping the entire contents of their closet onto their beds. Ah, motherhood!

    • Aaah … minimizing with children should have been the whole premise of my blog! The greatest lesson I’m finding myself teaching and learning is empathy and compassion and really focusing on people instead of things. I think I’ve started young enough that my children are really “getting it,” as opposed to having to break old habits later in life. Kudos to you for doing the same! And thank you for reading. I jumped over to your blog and was inspired myself! Looking forward to continuing to conect in cyber space.

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