796 hours (until Summer Vacation)

My computer is taunting me again …

Summer break is right around the corner. And, while we don’t have an RV yet, we do have a tent. At this point, I’ll sleep on the ground anywhere the sun shines.

Because this spring has brought new meaning to the term “where the sun don’t shine …”


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2 Responses to 796 hours (until Summer Vacation)

  1. I think my childhood camping experience was remarkably similar to yours… (see musty army tent, smell of vomit on a hot day, etc.)

    My wife and I are def. (nonconformist for ‘definitely’) looking forward to breaking out our camping equipment this year. We live 3 minutes from a natural conservation area, so we’ll be taking advantage.

    Great post!

    – Josh

    • I love it. Our kids are in for a camping adventure this summer. They’re excited now, but I can’t wait to hear their take on “roughing it” once we’re done. (And I don’t mean hotel-camping.)

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