She’s ba-aaa-ck …

What have I been up to, you ask? Well … a plethora of extremely time-consuming and only moderately rewarding tasks, if I must be perfectly honest. And frankly, none of them include minimizing. Unless you count minimizing sleep, which is really not what we are about here.

Who knew life could get so busy? Not this girl. But, here I am, stealing a precious 20 minutes that has been bestowed upon me by the dental gods … As it turns out, my dentist appointment lasted only half as long as I had planned it would … gracing me with a 20 minute window of opportunity in my otherwise over-booked day. So, here I am. Sharing that time with you. Forcing myself to minimize my calendar and ever-growing list of action items for the next 20 minutes to focus on something I enjoy. And so can you.

Seriously. What if you stopped what you were doing for just 20 minutes a day. Turned off your phone, shut down your computer, stepped outside, and just breathed. I know. This isn’t rocket science. There are songs about it. Religions around it. Meditations and prayers about just being. But tell me … what would you do if you were given 20 free minutes each day? Unscheduled and unplanned. You can’t decide that they’re the first 20 minutes of your day or the last 20 minutes of your day … or 20 minutes of your lunch break. Just an unexpected 20 minutes where you can pause your world and do absolutely anything your heart desires.

Would you sing? Dance? Draw? Run? Read? Discover? Sit? Think? Pray? The only rule is it cannot be something on your to-do list. It can only be something that truly nourishes your soul. What is your 20 minute escape?



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