Happy Father’s Day!

I know … I’m more than a week early. But, if you are wise, you will take what you can get around here. Because, the next seven days show no signs of time to go shopping for a Father’s Day gift. And, since my kids and I are headed out on a road trip on Father’s Day–while my husband is stuck in town for three more days of work before he can fly out to meet us–well … we might as well celebrate this weekend.

So, today, as my daughter and I were out on our special Friday date (when she doesn’t have school, but her brother does, so she inevitably talks me in to taking her out for ice cream), we wandered into a shop full of outdoor adventure. Perfect for our upcoming three weeks of roughing it, I think. Only, since we are completely unprepared for anything but hotel camping, I have no idea where to start. It’s like finding yourself in the only survival shop on the moon, knowing that if you don’t find the right equipment, you’ll surely freeze to death out there, and being so overwhelmed by the options, that you settle on the marshmallow skewers instead.

Which is exactly what we did … found the best marshmallow skewers in town. Made from … drum roll please …

old GOLF CLUBS!! Does anyone else out there see the divine providence in this gift? Now, when we’re stuck in the middle of bear country, with nothing but a hot-dog stick, my husband will be able to fend off the wild life with his weapon of choice. A sharp, pointy GOLF CLUB. And, with that rubber grip, our hands won’t burn as we hold the sturdy metal over the fire. Nor will our children’s roasting sticks catch on fire.

This is a win on so many levels. And not just because we’re going tent camping vs. RV motoring. But also because I was able to find this innovative little gift at a local store, and I even found out that these skewers are made by an entrepreneurial¬†local fifth grader with the help of his grandfather. Which means I’m really supporting my community. AND … they find the materials to make these tools (old golf clubs and kitchen utensils) at my favorite thrift store. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Happy Father’s Day, honey … it’s going to be an adventure!


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One Response to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Kymy says:

    What a great gift!!! The funny thing is the little boy Matthew is our neighbor! They are at the Bayview & Oak Harbor market & if you look at his water colors he is very talented. I think he is actually in 7th grade this year, but he started when he was younger.

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