Mother’s Intuition

How do I know when my kids are getting sick? When our day includes the following elements:

5. My son melting-down into a crying heap of goo on the floor when I ask him to brush his teeth because his throat hurts too bad. (And the morning filled with general whining and belly-aching from my otherwise happy-go-lucky children.)
4. My kids getting out of the swimming pool and asking me if they can go home to snuggle up in a blanket instead.
3. Both of them handing back a half-eaten cookie which was my feeble post-swim snack attempt.
2. Neither one of them protesting when I tell them it’s nap time at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon.

But the number one way I know that my kids are getting sick is when …

1. We have a vacation planned within the next week’s time.

Mark my words. I will not surrender this time.


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