Riddle Me This …

How does a family of Minimalists possibly require so much *stuff* to go on vacation?

Well, in my defense, we are hitting the road for three weeks and covering a lot of ground–not just the geographic ground spanning four states in three weeks, but also the range of activities we’ll be enjoying … from hotel camping to woods and beach camping, attending a wedding in a vineyard, laying on sandy beaches, snuggling around camp fires in the shady forests, and ending up in the city where we’ll want to clean up and go to the movie theater or out to dinner. And, don’t forget the red, white, and blue outfits my children insist on for the Fourth of July.

I was explaining to a stranger at a birthday party yesterday that I was trying to pack for three weeks for a family of four to cover casual, semi-formal, and formal affairs. Her response was “wow, that’s a lot of shoes.” I must have looked at her like she was an alien, because she went on to explain that you’d have to have several different styles of heels, running shoes, flip-flops, water shoes, and so on. Then I realized she doesn’t know I’m a minimalist, and only have my black leather flip-flops, which I would contend are perfect for every occasion. But, before I could open my mouth, another mom piped in with her affirmation that she has a pair of flip-flops in every color of the rainbow, so those would all be going along with her, as well as formal sandals, boots, and open-toed strappy somethings … that’s when my brain turned off. And I decided it was time to rush home and start packing.

I have to admit. I’m somewhat outside the scope of one small backpack per person, as was my aspiration. But, one large suitcase for the whole family should suffice. Compromise. That’s the name of the game, right?

And also, jig-saw puzzle comes to mind. I really hope I don’t need anything out of the bottom of that bottom bin while stranded on the side of the freeway somewhere.


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2 Responses to Riddle Me This …

  1. Ana VanderPol says:

    All I could think of the other day was this riddle and actually THOUGHT you were going to most this:

    Pete and Repete went out in a boat.
    Pete fell out who was left?

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