On the road

We debated even going on this trip. But finally, I decided … a family has to get out-of-town from time to time.

The ultimate goal is to get to a wedding in Napa next weekend. But the two weeks of camping and playing on the beach were added on at the last minute. We didn’t want to pay for four seats on a jet for the entire family to fly the short 2-hour flight to San Francisco. But, my husband has to work until the day before the wedding festivities are to begin, which means we can’t make the drive in that amount of time.

We thought about leaving the kids at home with their grandparents while we flew down for a romantic weekend getaway in wine country. But for some reason, we decided against that. I’m sure that reason will come to me as soon as I get this “Pete and Repeat” riddle out of my head.

So, we got creative and decided I’d make the 900 mile journey with the kids in the car, and my husband would fly down to meet us there in a few days. So he can work. (And also, maybe he’s playing in a golf tournament one of those days.) Lucky for me, one of my college girlfriends has a grandmother in the Sacramento area, so she offered to ride shot-gun for the long stretches of the drive to keep me company. And make PB&J sandwiches and distribute trail mix on call. Lucky for her, my kids are excellent road-trippers. I don’t believe we ever once  heard “are we there yet?” Instead, we heard this silly riddle about Pete falling out of a boat. For a few hours. Straight. Interrupted only by rounds of giddy giggles. Because apparently that riddle is really funny. Lucky for them, my friend is a preschool teacher, so she did not demand that I pull over the car and let her out on the side of the freeway just to escape the incessant crazy-talk coming from the back seat for two long days.

It’s a good thing I have good company. My husband keeps saying how much he misses us and that he wishes he were on this adventure with us already. Part of me wants to tell him I’ll trade him 2 days in the car for a 2-hour flight next time. But the other part of me is really enjoying listening to the chatter of my children in such close quarters. And, of course, the girl-talk in the front seat.

While I would not minimize anything about this experience, I would recommend maximizing time spent with long-lost girlfriends from time to time. Free therapy. You really can’t go wrong there.


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