Minimizing Boredom

Here we are, in mid-July, so I thought I’d consult my list of resolutions that I planned for this year. It turns out that my goal for July is to minimize cabin fever with vacations and weekend trips. Apparently our road trip through Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho in June wasn’t on the radar when I thought I’d need to get out of the house in July. For the first time in my life, I might actually be operating ahead of plan. (Which is good, considering June’s resolutions somehow fell by the wayside. Weird.)

Have I mentioned yet that we’ve also just moved? I’m sure I’ll get to that as I fill you in on the June journey, but the long-story-short is that while we were on vacation, our house sitter packed all of our belongings into boxes, and we vacationed until the house was all packed up and the new house was ready to move in to … because I believe in minimizing the headache of moving. And, now that we are settled in the community that we love … we don’t plan on moving again. Ever.

Unfortunately, there was no magic fairy waiting at the new house to wave her wand and unpack all of the boxes here. So, the rest of July includes unpacking, sorting, and purging the toys that I never actually got to last summer when The Minimal Challenge began.

Meanwhile, my kids are bored. Did someone just say something about minimizing boredom? I can rise to that challenge. No sooner did the word “bored” cross their lips than I tore out a sheet of paper from the notepad where I’m actually trying to get some work done, and devised a scavenger hunt that will take them through all of the boxes and bags of toys so they will know where to find exactly what they are looking for to fill their days with imaginative fun.

And … no sooner did they start checking off items than my son came upstairs with two light sabers, a safari hat, and a bat cape. My daughter emerged with a baby snow leopard on a leash. None of which were on the list …

But I haven’t heard the word “bored” for at least an hour. So, I’m going to call my work here done. For now.


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