Grocery Shopping = Cooking

As is the case with most of my great ideas, I rushed in with reckless abandon–failing to think the whole concept through from beginning to end. So, while the idea of saving hundreds of dollars per month on my grocery budget seemed appealing to me, I guess you could say that what I failed to realize is that all of these grocery items would then need to be assembled into meals that could be consumed by my family to provide nutritious and well-balanced meals. And, since you know how cooking goes around here … I find myself in a bit of a predicament.

That’s when I turn to my muse, Hannah Harto, of My Drunk Kitchen. Watching a few of her episodes inspires me to pour a glass of wine try my hand at cooking again. Lo and behold … it turns out that I actually can cook. Here’s what happens when I have fresh ingredients in my house …

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TA-DA! Homemade Pizza. I can do this.


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