Calendar Chaos

Blogging is the LAST thing I should be doing right now.

My auction is barely a month away and procurements are not even close to finalized … not to mention the accompanying catalog, slide show, seat assignments, signage, software for payment processing, or invitations to parents. Or any of the things I don’t know I’m missing, since I’ve never organized an auction before. My list gets longer, rather than shorter each day. This is the polar opposite of good minimization tactics.

Meanwhile, I just learned that my LEGO club event was moved out two weeks. Normally, this would be a welcome relief. Two more weeks to prepare for the big day, right? Too bad I’ll be in London that weekend. So now I have an angry mob of 26 children ranging in age from 4-9 who have been working diligently all year toward their multi-model, ice cream production system with one moving part per model, research, and display boards to present their findings to the judge. Multiply that by an average of 2 parents per child (4 in some lucky cases), and I have effectively maximized the number of complaints I can process in a single day. The minimalist in me wants to set my email’s auto-reply to read “Go sell crazy somewhere else … all stocked up here.” But the team-spirited, good natured, volunteering Mother in me who wants to minimize the number of frenemies I create this year, just smiles and says “we’ll figure it out.” Moderation, my friends, moderation.

Oh, and also, I have a major website launch on Tuesday, which will roll out to a global audience for my largest client, and all of the internal servers are down. Which is fantastic, because we just decided to redesign the entire site yesterday (which has already taken us three months to build).

To be clear, I did not come here to complain. I came here to tell you why I should absolutely not be blogging right now. But, this is kind of my happy place, so apologies if I’ve just dumped all of my stress on you, my unwitting readers. What I came to say was … after my year of zen minimalism, I’ve struck a fantastic balance between freaking out and taking a few deep breaths to relax my way through the chaos.

I’ve been trying to impart this deep breathing technique to my son, who internalizes all of the stresses of being six years old. He crawled in bed with us in the middle of the night last night … which NEVER happens. When we woke up this morning, we asked what brought him into our bed in the middle of the night. He said he was having that nightmare again that he always has when the months change. We’ve never heard tale of this nightmare before, so we asked him more about it. He said it’s stressful for him when we start a new month. So, as January nears its end, we are all breathing deeply, gearing up for February, and looking forward to making it through March alive.

Everything in moderation, I keep telling myself.


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