Print the flyers already

Food collecting. My kids keep begging. Momma, remember you promised we were going to go collect food for the hungry people? We need to make the flyers. Can we make the flyers today? It’s almost Saturday. They’re not going to know we’re coming if we don’t take the flyers first. And we still have to color them. Momma, the people need the food.

I guess the compassion I was trying to instill in my kids worked. Now we just have to work on patience. And fixing the wi-fi printer that is somehow hiding from my wi-fi laptop out there in cyber space. Remember when you could attach your computer to your printer with a cable and know that it was connected? Back in those days, I could have been tech support for an entire corporation. But now I can’t print a test page. So, we’re working on that.

And, I checked the weather report. Pouring rain all weekend. Sometimes I need to try to think harder before I open my mouth and make promises to children. I hate to over-promise and under-deliver.

But I think this might be a “take it easy” weekend after the last overflowing month. On the agenda: fix printer. color flyers. deliver them. That’s as far as we’re going to get, I’m afraid.


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One Response to Print the flyers already

  1. Meredith says:

    i too am currently dealing with a wi-fi printer problem…not fun.

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